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Knowing your rights.

If you are hurt at work, under most circumstances, you are eligible for weekly workers’ compensation benefits, even if you experienced medical difficulties related to the same condition(s) before you were hired. You may also be entitled to benefits even if you were at fault for your injury.  In some cases, you may be entitled to return to the job you were performing when you were hurt. 

Ensuring your employer is legally responsible for your injuries.

If you are receiving weekly workers’ compensation benefits, this does not necessarily mean your employer has accepted responsibility for your injuries. Insurance companies are allowed to pay workers’ compensation benefits for a period of time without becoming legally accountable for your losses.

Understanding the complexity of workers' compensation benefits.

How do you know the insurance company is paying you the correct amount of weekly workers’ compensation benefits?   Do you know if all your injuries are covered?   An insurance company can be acknowledging you hurt your back while contesting your neck or knee injury. 

Putting your interests first when negotiating a workers' compensation settlement.

Not all workers’ compensation cases end with a lump sum settlement. However, if Lavoie Law negotiates a settlement agreement, you will be actively involved in the process.  Your case will not settle unless you are fully aware of all terms, and you are completely satisfied with the settlement amount.

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