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Social Security
Lavoie Law offers help you can trust with...

Choosing the Social Security disability program that is right for you.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has several disability programs that provide a monthly benefit and medical insurance to those unable to work due to physical and/or emotional impairments.  The SSA also has programs that pay benefits to the child of a disabled or retired parent or to a child who is disabled due to a variety of medical conditions.  If you have a prior marriage that ended in divorce or the death of your spouse, you may be eligible to collect Social Security benefits based on the work record of your former spouse.   Understand the Social Security disability program that applies to your situation.  At Lavoie Law LLC, we will focus on your particular background and medical conditions to help you understand what disability program(s) are right for you.

Navigating you through the complex application process.

Consult an attorney before you file for Social Security benefits.    Many times, an application has an unfavorable outcome because it was filed too soon, too late or incorrectly.  Let us help you determine if this is the right time to turn to Social Security disability benefits and, if so, let us guide you through the application process at the right time.    A properly filed application can affect the outcome of your Social Security case and your retroactive benefits.  Lavoie Law will ensure your application is filed correctly and at the appropriate time.   We will also ensure the SSA has all the information needed to fully evaluate your claim.

Understanding how Social Security benefits interact with other benefits.

Many of our clients are either receiving or are eligible for other benefits, like Temporary Disability Insurance, unemployment benefits, long term disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, severance pay, Social Security early retirement, among others.   Lavoie Law will help you understand how these benefits may affect your Social Security application and eventual benefits.  We will also introduce you to a variety of programs that may assist you financially as you await the outcome of your Social Security disability application. 

Leading the fight so you can focus on your health and loved ones during, what can be, a lengthy process.

We understand that some cases will have to go before an Administrative Law Judge or require further appeals before benefits are awarded. We are ready to fight at every level. Lavoie Law takes a team approach in every case.  You play a very important part in your application for benefits.

Calculating your benefits correctly.

Sometimes, prevailing in a Social Security disability case is half the battle.  Many times, the SSA improperly calculates disability benefits, omits benefits for your dependent children or fails to account for other benefits that impact your Social Security disability check.  If you are unrepresented by legal counsel, you probably will not know if your benefits have been calculated correctly.  This can result in a loss of thousands of dollars in benefits or an unpleasant overpayment to the SSA.   At Lavoie Law, when we win a case, we ensure you are receiving the correct amount of Social Security disability benefits.

Charging a fee only if your case is successful.

In most cases, the attorney’s fee will be 25% of the retroactive benefits awarded when you receive a favorable decision.   In very rare situations, the SSA may approve your case without awarding retroactive benefits. If this happens, we will agree on a fair fee with you based on the time invested in your case. In all cases, the SSA must approve the attorney’s fee.

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