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Choosing the Social Security program that is right for you.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has several disability programs that provide a monthly benefit and medical insurance to those unable to work due to physical and/or emotional impairments.  The SSA also has programs that pay benefits to the child of a disabled, retired, or deceased parent.  The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is available to income eligible disabled children.  If you have a prior marriage that ended in divorce or the death of your spouse, you may be entitled to collect Social Security benefits based on your former spouse’s work record.

Types of benefits. 

Navigating you through the complex application process.

Consult an attorney before you file for Social Security benefits.    Many times, an application results in an unfavorable outcome because it was filed too soon, too late, or incorrectly.   Let us help you determine if you should be turning to the Social Security disability program at this time. If moving forward is the right decision, we will guide you through the entire application process and will make sure SSA has the evidence needed to fully evaluate your case.  If your case must be presented before an Administrative Law Judge, we will be fully prepared and you will be ready.

Understanding how Social Security benefits interact with other benefits.

Many of our clients are either receiving or are eligible for other benefits, such as Temporary Disability Insurance, unemployment benefits, long/short term disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, severance pay, union or state/municipal pensions, Social Security early retirement, Injured on Duty (IOD) benefits, among others.   We understand how these benefits can coordinate to provide the greatest degree of financial stability.

Understanding how Social Security benefits interact with other benefits.

Sometimes, prevailing in a Social Security disability case is half the battle.  Many times, SSA improperly calculates disability benefits, omits benefits for your dependent children or fails to account for other benefits that impact your Social Security disability payments.  If you are unrepresented by legal counsel, you will not know how to properly determine whether your benefits have been calculated correctly.  This can result in a loss of thousands of dollars in benefits or an unpleasant overpayment to SSA.  We understand the importance of both obtaining a favorable decision and ensuring our clients are paid promptly and correctly.

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